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Types Of Bongs For Sale

Bongs Types

There are tons of different ways in which bongs could be different including the material they may be crafted from or even the features they are created with. The easiest way for you to determine which form of bong is best for you is to be aware of distinction between all of the different types.


Bong Crafting Materials

Bongs can be produced with a number of different forms of materials, these materials get a new cost, durability, and the longevity of the bongs. The most favored materials bongs are produced in are glass, plastic, and ceramic.

Acrylic Bongs

Bongs made from acrylic are a lot cheaper the glass bongs and virtually indestructible. Acrylic is a type of plastic that is strong and cheap which makes it perfect for bong construction.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs will be the most widely used kind of bong sold for their quality craftsmanship and superior image.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic Bongs tend to be purchased over glass over acrylic bongs for their vivid imagery and shapes. Ceramic bongs will also be less expensive then glass bongs.

Types Of Bongs

There are several various kinds of bongs you could purchase online, each with it’s own pair of features. One which just decide what type of bong you would like to buy you must know what sorts of bongs are available.

Ice Bongs

Ice bongs are bongs made out of special notches constructed into the tube that hold ice. As the smoke passes through the ice it's cooled, making it simpler to inhale.

Percolator Bongs

A percolator bong is a form of bong which is designed with an additional chamber inside of the bongs main chamber. This second chamber filters your smoke with a greater level a standard water bong could ever.

Multi-Chamber Bongs

A multi-chamber bong is a type of bong which is constructed with several chamber. More chambers mean that your smoke is filtered in a greater level then the single chamber bong.

bongs for sale

No-Carb Bongs

No-carb bongs are made with no carburetor hole within the chamber. No-carb bongs hit harder then other bongs for their lack of fresh air.

WaterFall Bongs

A waterfall bong is a kind of bong which uses pressure to fill the bongs chamber. Water drains in the bottom with the bong creating a vacuum, filling the bong.

Stealth Bongs

Stealth Bongs are bongs designed to be unrecognizable it uses very little. It is simple to leave a stealth bong from the shelf or table without anyone knowing it’s a bong.

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